Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teachable Moments

This isn't a picture to show you my 2 cute ragamuffins in their play clothes.
It is a picture to show you how big our truck is.  Z obviously isn't tall enough to get into the truck by herself, and I'm not tall myself.  So whenever the girls and I are out and about by ourselves, I have to hold the baby in one arm and hoist the 3 year old into the back seat with the other.  I'm sure it's quite entertaining.

It's not ideal, but at least both the car seats fit in it, as opposed to our little Ford Escort.  I would like our family vehicle should be a larger car that still gets good gas mileage, but my husband thinks we should get a diesel Excursion (he has a thing against small cars).  Our 3 year old thinks we should have a mini van, but she calls my mom's SUV a van, so I'm not sure what she has in mind.

Z has been asking some time now if/when we can get a mini van.  We've told her that we don't know...maybe she should ask God.

So the other day she says, "Mommy, how would God give us a mini van?"  I thought I encourage her curiosity by answering and use the teachable moment as I went on to explain how sometimes God gives us different opportunities to earn money or find good deals.

Of course, she already had something else in mind.  She said, "I think God ties a big rope around it and lowers it down." 

I replied, "That would take a really big rope." 

"Why?" she asks. 

"Because vans are very heavy," I say, "That's not how God normally does things...but, He could if He wanted to." 

And so it turned out to be a teachable moment for me too, as God reminded me that He on occasion has done supernatural things, and He is powerful enough to take care of us.  Right now He is taking care of us in our large pick up, but look out for falling vans.

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