Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making a MOPs Shirt

I needed a MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) t-shirt for this morning and I had an iron on, but my friend said she was having trouble with the iron ons, so I didn't want to commit my shirt.  So I decided on an alternate route.

I put my iron-ons on some scrap knit material (which won't need to be hemmed), and cut loosely around the images.  I pinned them where I wanted them on my shirt.
I tried sewing this flower on first, but then took it off because my presser foot rubbed the transfer loose.

I went ahead and sewed the MOPs emblem on but was more careful about rubbing it with my presser foot.  Then I trimmed close to my stitching.  I still wanted some decoration (I wanted to cover up an ink stain by the armpit) so I cut out freehand circles and pinned them in place.

I attached the circles with a straight line sewn through each.  If you want less floppy dots, I would suggest sewing another line to make an X pattern.  There it is!  (Check out those arm veins I inherited.  I'm great at giving blood, but maybe I should consider posing with my arms over my head.)

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