Monday, August 22, 2011

Headband Tutorial

Can you guess what I'm doing?  No, silly, it's not a decoration for the bloodmobile...I'm making a headband. 
Cut five teardrops out of knit material (I used a pair of children's athletic shorts).  For stability, cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon about 3x as long as your teardrops and seal the ends (I like to heat seal by holding the end next to a flame so the ribbon melts slightly, but you could also apply fray check).

Stack teardrops on top of doubled ribbon and stitch in place (I added a button but you could stitch a pretty x shape here if you prefer).

After the top is assembled sew the ribbon to your headband (I used the cuff from the shorts I made the teardrops out of) in at least 2 spots where the stitches will be hidden underneath the teardrops.

You could use hot glue to assemble, but I have a 1 year old that puts everything in her mouth, so I sewed to be safe.  I used knit fabric from a pair of children's shorts so I didn't finish the edges of my teardrop pieces.

And there she goes...boy is it hard to get a toddler to pose!

The headband I made is to go with this dress.  As you can see, it has a stain on the front.  Later this week, I'll show you how I covered the stain.
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