Monday, August 8, 2011

Play Purse: Tutorial

My one year old has been toting around her sister's purses.  I thought it might be nice for her to have her own purse, but we don't need anymore toys at our house.  So I decided to make her one our of these.
I stuck the sleeves inside each other with the shirt inside out (see the shoulder seam).  I would have just cut a piece of the end, but there was a pocket on the sleeve that I wanted to incorporate, so I cut a section out of the upper sleeve.

You can see both layers here.

With right sides of the layers together, sew straight across the bottom.

Pull layers away from each other.

Pin ribbon inside layers and stitch all the way across each top section.  I used a knit shirt so there won't be any unraveling from unfinished edges.  If you use a different kind of material, you will want to finish the edges by turning them to the inside, or zigzagging, or fray check, etc.  Also, I heat sealed the ends of my ribbons so they wouldn't fray from the insides and pull out after a bout of tugging.

I chose to apply an iron on Velcro, but even if you choose to sew some in, this is a good opportunity.

Oops, I forgot a step!  After you attach the velcro, pin sides together right sides together and sew up the 2 sides.
Ta da! she didn't like it as much as I thought she would.  Glad I didn't take the time to do a professional job on it, or spend a lot of money.

Ahh, the sweet girl is humoring her mommy.

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