Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Yoga Waistband Skirt Tutorial

My husband was generous and paid for some material I picked out at Hobby Lobby the other day!  Here's some my daughter picked out that might take a while becoming a skirt (what, you say it won't happen on its own!?).

And as I said before I wanted to make an a-line skirt with a yoga waistband for myself and couldn't find a tutorial I really liked for woven fabric.  So, I thought I would share what I did. 

I'm going to refer to a hip measurement because I have hips and need the room to get my skirt on if it doesn't have a zipper.  If you are going to make this skirt for a child or you don't have much of a hip, you could probably just use your waist measurement.

 Here are the pieces I started out with:

2 waistband pieces (waist-5")/2 x 10" (mine was  11.5" x 10")
2 skirt pieces and 2 lining pieces using this pattern

 I followed directions for the waistband that are easy to find posted on blogs.  But I found I really had to try it on to figure out how narrow to make it.  Actually, I had to take this skirt apart after I wore it a day and make the waistband a couple inches narrower (I took this into account when I gave you measurements above).  Knits vary so much in their stretchiness.

Sew sides together and finish edges on skirt.  Repeat on lining.

With right side of lining facing wrong side of skirt (so they are both right sides out), baste across the top front and again at the top of the back.  This way you can gather from both sides.

Gather skirt top to fit waistband and pin waistband to right side of skirt with cut edge of waistband lined up with top edge of skirt.

Zig zag together and finish and trim woven fabric.

Top stitch with raw edges toward skirt.

Make a ruffle and sew to bottom of skirt.  Hem your lining.

Top stitch.

Ta da!  But it's still gathered more in the front than I would like...

So when I made this skirt I adjusted my pattern at the waist.  The front pieces are waist/4 + 1", and the back pieces are (hip-front skirt piece + 2")/2.  Length and skirt hem measurements are the same.

 Hmm...I keep trying to tell my camera man to leave the flash off.  Looks like I was too late on this one.


Anonymous said...

Cute! Thanks for a great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thank you for sharing your tutorial - lovely skirts, they look great on. I discovered your tutorial whilst trying to discover how to get the yoga-top waistband/skirt seam to sit flat (not 'wavy')and yes, also trying to avoid the 'over-gathered' front. Any suggestions? have you made any more since? Thanks in advance :-)

Hilary said...

I made a couple at the time, and as far as I can figure, if you have much of a difference between your waist and hip measurement at all, it isn't going to look completely smooth. This was the best I could come up with for a woven fabric. I have made knit skirts with a yoga-top waistband and since I could make the top of the skirt top smaller than my hips (because it would stretch), they lay pretty smooth. said...

Apparently I'm not getting what the "hip/4+1/2" and "hip(?)1.6/4" means! Help please! Thanks

Hilary said...

Let's use 26in waist and 30 inch hip measurement for an example. 26/4=6 1/2. 6 1/2+1/2=7 So the top of the front panel should be 7 inches (well, actually 14 inches because it was cut on the fold). 30in-14in+2in=18in 18in/2=9in So the top of the back panel should be 9in (actually 18 inches because it was cut on the fold too).