Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread House

We red Jan Brett's The Gingerbread Baby this weekend at my mom's house.  Fortunately I had purchased a gingerbread house kit at Aldi's for $7 that was waiting at home to be put together!

By the way Jan Brett has a neat website full of printables, coloring pages, and online activities that features her beautiful artwork and goes along with her books.
So we cleaned up a spot on the table just big enough to put it together.

We hot glue the gingerbread pieces together at my house like we did when I was a little girl.  Who wants to eat gingerbread and candy that has been sitting on the counter for a month anyway (besides, my germaphobic husband doesn't think we should be ingesting the dust that gathers on it...actually, that does sound kind of gross).

The 1 1/2 year old got in on the candy action too...she handed me candy to stick on.  She tried sticking the candy on herself, but she ended up sticking her fingers in the frosting instead.  She thought it was a lot of fun to put candy in a little bowl and dump it out over and over again...1 year olds really don't need toys do they?

She has decided this is her picture face the last few days...I usually don't ask for poses, so I'm not sure where she came up with the idea.

And of course when she is done with that face, she has herself a good laugh.

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Danielle said...

What a smart idea to hot glue the gingerbread house together!! I never eat mine either, so I am going to try it!! Thanks for visiting my blog! The cream tree is my favorite too!! :)