Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

The party has come and gone, so here is a promised picture of the matching dresses along with a doll sized party hat.

The kids enjoyed drinking pink lemonade from tiny demitasse tea cups while the adults had hot tea and pink lemonade.  I was fortunate to have some help in making dainty tea treats.
I started making this bunting before our 1 year old's birthday this summer, but had to hang it without letters because I ran out of time.  I should have finished the letters right after that instead of waiting until two days before this party...long night.  It is triangles cut from t-shirts, overlapping slightly, and held together by two rows of stitching and fastened at the end with narrow strips of t-shirt tied in a bow.

We had a tea pot cake made from two bundts, one cup cake, and paper covered cardboard spout and handle.  Unfortunately our camera battery was running low, so my camera didn't get a shot of the cake before it was cut, but we saved the tea cups and I got this picture later.  They are shaved off cupcakes with chocolate piped on top and frosted, broken mini pretzels for handles.  The white things are rose could tell right?

And after the dainty little tea party, our newly 4 year old had to go out with her dad to shoot balloons with her new BB gun (what a Daddy's girl).


Julianne said...

what a cute party! I'm your newest follower! I'd love if you followed back!


Yadira said...

Tea parties are lovely. I'm sure she had lots of fun. I want a tea party birthday for myself.

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Cara said...

What a cute party, I love the matching Cabbage Patch kid's outfit and party hat! Great bunting too :D