Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stylish Onesies

At the beginning of the summer it didn't seem like my youngest had enough going to town worthy shirts, but we had an overabundance of screen printed onesies.  So I decorated some of them.  See!
I got the idea for this one here.  Actually I've been reading Ruffles and Stuff.  Disney does a lot of clothing re-purposing and was largely my inspiration for all of these.

See the screen printing.  I wasn't fond of it.

For this one I cut a long thin strip of white t-shirt material, ruffled it by stitching down the middle on my machine's longest stitch length and highest tension.  Then I rolled the ruffle around itself as I hand stitched it to the shirt from the inside.

The leaf is a piece of green ribbed t-shirt that I machine sewed to the shirt down the middle.

For the green shirt I cut 2 long 1 1/2" strips of t-shirt material and pleated haphazardly one at a time on the shirt and zig zagged to attach.

The green one was my favorite until I soaked it in oxy clean and it faded in spots.  :(  Not go to town worthy anymore, but maybe I'll try it again sometime.  I liked it and it was a more gender neutral decoration.

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