Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Birthday Jumper

I'm so excited about this!
You should see it on little miss Z...except she isn't nearly as excited about it as I am...even though she picked it out.  This is not the material I would have picked for a birthday tea party frock, but it's cute.  She'll wear it with a black turtle neck and black tights.
For the skirt, I pretty much followed this tutorial from The Mother Huddle, but I used 3 1/2" waist band fabric, 6" lining fabric, 7 1/2" outer skirt fabric, and 7" under skirt fabric.  I also did my own thing for the waist band so I could have a flat front to attach the bib to.

The bib is a trapezoid--I cut out 7" across the top, 5" across the bottom, and 10" high.  I made a ruffle and sandwiched it between the elephant trapezoid and the lining trapezoid and sewed them together except for the bottom edge.  Then I made a strap to go around the neck since I didn't have enough fabric left to make straps to cross in the back.  (Can you see that I haven't finished the button closure yet?)

I need to make a matching dress for Glendora, the Cabbage Patch Girl...anyone interested in a tutorial?

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Destri said...

I love it! Using the corduroy worked perfectly :)
Thanks so much for sharing, made my day.